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I first started as a professional photographer over 30 years ago, where I worked for two highly-experienced photographers, in two very different busy high street studios.

During this time, I learned the craft of photography using film and processing by hand in the dark room. I learned how to photograph weddings when film was expensive – so I had to ensure I was capturing a great image every time, this gave me a fantastic grounding of working quickly and efficiently under pressure.

Even though I have been using professional Digital cameras for over a decade, the experience that I have gained from learning photography through these methods have been invaluable.

I may now have the freedom of being able to click the camera as many times as I wish, but the discipline of being able to seek the best framing and wait for the perfect timing for each shot is ingrained.

We, at Mike Bell Photography, combine the latest in digital technology with a true Photographer’s experience, and we endeavour to make every photograph a natural timeless keepsake.

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